Bill Gates says spending time with Jeffrey Epstein was ‘a huge mistake’

Bill Gates told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that spending time with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was a mistake.

Gates told Cooper, “It was a huge mistake to spend time with him. There were lots of others in that same situation, but I made a mistake.” Earlier, he suggested philanthropy brought the two together, “[I] had several dinners with [Epstein] hoping that what he said about getting billions of philanthropy for global health, through contacts that he had, might emerge. When it looked like that wasn’t a real thing, that relationship ended,” Gates said. 

In May of 2021, FBA reported, “​​According to two individuals who knew Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein, the infamous sex-offender gave Gates advice on how to end his ‘toxic marriage’ on several occasions at Epstein’s mansion. Bill Gates reportedly used Epstein’s New York mansion as an escape from his wife and his marriage, which he called ‘toxic’.”

In December of 2019, Jeffrey Epstein, 66, was indicted in New York on two counts related to the sex trafficking of minors. Epstein pleaded not guilty before a federal magistrate judge Monday to the charges, which carry a 45-year maximum prison sentence.



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