Oklahoma GOP leader says vaccine mandates are comparable to Naziism: ‘take away the star and add a vaccine passport’

John Bennet, Chairman of Oklahoma’s Republican Party, compared vaccine passes to the Jewish badge in a Facebook Post.

A photo of a yellow star with the word “unvaccinated” and an ID number was featured in a call to action post asking constituents to contact Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell regarding private employee vaccine mandates. The post reads, “WAKE UP PEOPLE: Is this sounding familiar?”

Despite denunciation from lawmakers and Jewish organizations, the post has not been deleted. In a response defending the post, Bennet said, “When they put that [star] on the Jews they weren’t sending them directly to the gas chambers … this was leading up to that, they gave them a star to put on and they couldn’t go to the grocery store, they couldn’t go out in public, they couldn’t do anything without having that star on their shirt. Take away the star and add a vaccine passport.”

The actualization of health passes and vaccine passports has increased Americans’ fear surrounding control and a lack of freedom. In June, another Republican lawmaker, Representative Majorie Taylor Greene, was condemned for similar comparisons.

In an interview, Greene said, “You know, we can look back at a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star, and they were definitely treated like second-class citizens, so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany. This is exactly the type of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is talking about.” 



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Antoinette is a community college student in Sacramento, California. She is a Politics Editor at Fact Based America, a correspondent for Campus Reform, and a student journalist. She previously worked for Turning Point USA as a High School Coordinator.

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