New York City to require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, gyms, and indoor venues

New York’s new health pass, the “Key to NYC,” is the blue state’s latest COVID-19 policy.

For entry into public spaces, residents will be required to provide proof of vaccination via a personal pass, which must be renewed every few months. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan is to implement the pass by the end of August and enforce the policy in the middle of September.

“We think it is so important to make clear that if you are vaccinated, you get to benefit in all sorts of ways. You get to live a better life. Besides your health in general, you get to participate in many, many things,” Cuomo said. “And if you’re unvaccinated, there are going to be fewer and fewer things that you’re able to do.”

The Department of Justice’s Legal Counsel recently ruled that vaccine mandates are constitutional because citizens maintain the right to refuse, and the consequences are secondary. New York is one of the states leading the furthering of COVID-19 policies, earlier this week, NYC mandated the vaccine for federal workers.



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Antoinette is a community college student in Sacramento, California. She is a Politics Editor at Fact Based America, a correspondent for Campus Reform, and a student journalist. She previously worked for Turning Point USA as a High School Coordinator.

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