Laurel Hubbard, transgender weightlifter from New Zealand, knocked out of Olympic Games

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard of New Zealand was knocked out of the Olympic games.

On Hubbard’s first attempt, she failed to lift 120kg above her head, on her second attempt, she succeeded at lifting 125kg. However, the judges ruled it a “no lift.” On her last attempt, she failed to stand and lift 125kg above her head. After the competition, she told Yahoo Sports, “I know my participation in these games has not been entirely without controversy.”

She continued, “[The International Olympics Committee has] been extraordinarily supportive and I think that they have reaffirmed the principles of the Olympics that sport is something that all people around the world can do, that it is inclusive and successful.”

In June, Hubbard became the first transgender person to qualify for the summer games upon IOC rulings. She previously competed in weightlifting as a biological man, upon her gender switch, she quickly outpaced biological women weightlifters. 

Transgender inclusion in sports is a contested issue, and a petition to prohibit Hubbard from competing was created in July. Despite the controversy, multiple transgender athletes competed in the games, although some were disqualified for not meeting testosterone quotas.



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