DC mayor Bowser seen maskless less than 24 hours after her city-wide mask mandate took effect

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is facing criticism after she was seen at a wedding indoors without a mask, hours after her mandatory face covering order came back into effect. 

Photos on Sunday emerged of Bowser at a wedding she officiated at the Line, a four-star DC hotel, the previous day. Bowser was also not actively eating or drinking, according to the Washington Examiner, which obtained the photo of Bowser indoors. The photo sparked anger online, where commentators pointed out that Bowser appeared to not be following mandates that she herself had put in place. 

“If Muriel Bowser can’t even follow her own rules, why should others be forced to?” tweeted Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn. “Muriel Bowser is absolutely shameless,” wrote Natalie Johnson, communications director for US Rep. Nancy Mace. “Muriel Bowser should resign immediately,” tweeted Robby Soave, senior editor for Reason.

“Why did DC Mayor Muriel Bowser just officiate a maskless wedding even though Saturday she ordered all residents and visitors to mask up?’ asked Paul Szypula on social media. “A rule maker who acts like the rules are meaningless is inviting lawlessness,” tweeted Citizen Data CEO Mindy Finn. “I’ve defended Muriel Bowser in the past but her personal defiance of the mask order shows her a failed leader.”

A reporter from the Examiner was there and said she tried to approach her to ask why she was violating her own mandate, but security “blockaded the free press” and she was escorted away.



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