Texas cop pins down ‘suicidal’ teen as she yells ‘I can’t breathe’

A Texas cop pinned down a ‘suicidal’ teen after receiving calls claiming she was walking in front of moving vehicles.

Video footage shows Kaufman County Deputy Conner Martin speaking to a young woman, Nekia Trigg, who is initially crying and walking barefoot in a suburban neighborhood. Trigg continues to walk away from the officer and begins to hysterically cry when he takes hold of her upper arm, saying, “I don’t want you to hurt me.”

Throughout the exchange, Deputy Martin calmly asks the girl why she’s crying and where she lives. While thrashing about and crying, Trigg pulls out her phone with her other hand and says, “Let me call my sister,” as she screams and again tells the officer, “I don’t want you to hurt me.” 

Martin then asks the girl to sit down as she tries to escape his grasp, during this brawl the body camera seems to fall off of the officer and face the ground. According to police reports, the deputy executed a Ju-Jitsu “Top Mount,” which is taught in training and does not cause injury or harm breathing.

However, Trigg can be heard saying, “You already hurt me,” and “I can’t breathe,” a phrase now reminiscent of George Floyd. The audio suggests Deputy Martin handcuffed the girl and attempted to calm her down. Still, without clear footage, the girl’s family members approach the scene, yelling at Deputy Martin and another officer who arrived at the scene.

The mother of the girl, Antanique Ray, later hit Deputy Martin, however, there is no camera footage of this. Ray was charged with assault on a public servant and interference with police duties, while her daughter was taken to a mental health facility. There is an ongoing investigation into the incident and whether or not Deputy Martin handled the situation properly.



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