Fortnite streamer RaulZito arrested over allegations he raped two children aged 10-14

A Brazilian video game streamer was arrested Tuesday over allegations that he raped two child actors.

The victims are both allegedly between the ages of 10-14, with authorities investigating claims related to incidents between February and May of this year according to Brazilian authorities. The victims are child actors whom RaulZito apparently promised jobs at a major television station in exchange for sexual acts. Reports in the Brazilian media state that initial allegations were made by one victim’s mother, with the victim a boy aged just 12.

According to allegations, the abuse occurred between February and May of 2021, and prompted the second victim in this case to come forward. A report in Brazilian publication tvefamos claims that there “were so many times [the abuse took place] that both [victims] do not know how to order chronologically how they occurred”, and there are suggestions there may be other victims that are yet unknown.

The accused was arrested in Florianópolis on July 27 after authorities had failed to locate him at his home in Sao Paolo. According to allegations made by the mothers of the two victims, Maciel targetted children from the performing arts sector by contacting them through social media, claiming to be working with tv companies and able to offer them opportunities and potential work in that area.

RaulZito reportedly used his Instagram profile to lure his victims. Police are investigating other potential victims. Raulino de Oliveira Maciel had over 200K followers on Instagram at the time the story broke, with 118K followers on his Twitch channel, and 144K subscribers on YouTube. He has been uploading videos since 2019, with nearly 1.8M views to date. At the time of publication, his legal team has released no statement on the allegations.



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