Facing retaliation from Taliban, first Afghan evacuees arrive in US

The US is providing asylum for Afghan evacuees who aided the US military and now face retaliation from the Taliban.

The first group of around 200 translators and their families landed in Washington, DC on Friday morning, after medical screenings, the Afghans will be sheltered at Fort Lee and finalize a special visa process. “Their arrival demonstrates the U.S. government’s commitment to Afghans who put themselves and their families at great risk by working side-by-side with our service members and diplomats to build a better future for Afghanistan,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a statement.

As the US military withdraws from Afghanistan after nearly 20 years, roughly 2,500 Afghans will be brought to the states. “The administration expects to continue to relocate more [Afghans] over the course of the next few weeks,” said Russ Travers, senior deputy homeland security adviser on the White House National Security Council.

Reportedly, 4,000 other Afghans who aided the US military will be protected in other countries. Since the US left Afghanistan, the Taliban has gained power, allegedly controlling 90 percent of the country’s borders. 



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