Matt Gaetz’s future sister-in-law reportedly called the congressman a ‘pedophile’ on Tiktok

Rep. Matt Gaetz’s future sister-in-law has reportedly described the Florida congressman as “weird and creepy” and said she was “unfortunately not surprised” he is under federal investigation for alleged sex crimes.

Roxanne Luckey, 20, the sister of the Gaetz’s fiancée, Ginger Luckey lambasted the Republican pol in three TikTok videos over his alleged treatment of young women, according to The Daily Beast. On Monday, she alleged that Gaetz pressured an older man to court her when she was 19, calling the move “weird and creepy” and alleging that he yelled at her and her mom and went “full lawyer” when confronted, the outlet reported.

“I saw the character and type of person he is, and when everything came out about him, I honestly, unfortunately, was not surprised,” Roxanne, who worked as a White House intern last year, said on TikTok. “As someone who has personally experienced a ton of creepy old politician men hitting on me when I was underage, and experiencing sexual assault at that age by people of power, it’s very disheartening and I have zero tolerance of people like [Gaetz],” she said, adding that she was “tired of them getting away with this type of stuff.”

Ginger responded to the videos by telling the Daily Beast that her sister had a history of “destructive behavior.” Roxanne said she decided to open up partly because of her interactions with powerful men and her belief that it is important to “hold people accountable to whatever extent we can.” “There is so much more to the story and about what I know about Matt Gaetz. It is definitely a serious situation,” she said.

“When a creepy old man tries to hit on you at the bar but your sisters [sic] engaged to a literal pedophile,” wrote Roxanne, who the following day apologized for using the term “pedophile” and changed her description to “ephebophile.” “ephebophile” refers to someone who is sexually attracted primarily to those in mid- to late adolescence, usually between the ages of 15 to 19.



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