COVID-19 origins bill blocked in House after being unanimously passed through Senate

Senate Bill 1348, the Covid-19 Origins Act of 2021, was blocked on Tuesday by the House of Representatives. The bill was introduced in April by Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri.

The bill was blocked by the house in a 216-207 vote. The bill called for an investigation into how the COVID-19 pandemic started, with a particular focus on The Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The bill also called for the details of the investigations of the origins of COVID-19 to be made public. The bill passed unanimously in the Senate when it was introduced in April, but failed to pass a House vote this week.

When the bill was presented in April, it was given a 3 percent chance of being enacted into law by GovTrack, a website that tracks government bills as they move through Congress. Since the bill was first introduced, President Joe Biden called for his intelligence agencies to conduct a robust investigation into the origins of COVID-19, and report back with their findings within 90 days.

The Director of National Intelligence is due to report back to the President in August. Hawley has also introduced separate legislation that allows American COVID-19 victims to sue the Chinese Communist Party for its handling of COVID-19 and its failure to cooperate with international investigations into the origins of the pandemic.



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