IRS sends 2.2 million more stimulus checks in latest round under American Rescue Plan

The IRS announced on July 21 that they have sent out another 2.2 million stimulus checks under the American Rescue Plan.

The announcement covers the last six weeks of payments that have been sent. In the statement, it said that the total number of payments that have been dispersed now totals more that 171 million. In the past six weeks, around 2.2 millions checks have been sent, which equals about 4 billion dollars. Around 1.3 million of the checks went to people whom the IRS did not previously have information for, but have since filed a tax return. In addition, they have sent over 900,000 “plus-up” payments to those who received less money than they were qualified to receive due to their 2019 tax return status.

The IRS stated that they would continue sending payments out weekly to those who are either eligible for a “plus-up” payment or to those who the IRS didn’t previously have updated tax information on. They also encouraged people who haven’t filed a tax return or who normally don’t to file one so that they can receive their Economic Impact Payment(s).

The American Rescue Plan is President Joe Biden’s initiative to restore the U.S. to pre-covid levels. The three pillars are “delivering direct relief to the American people, rescuing the American economy, and starting to beat the virus” (White House).



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