Texas ranchers, farmers demand Biden admin pay for damages ’caused by illegal immigrants’

Farmers in Texas near the United States-Mexico border are calling on President Joe Biden to pay for the damages caused by the recent rise in illegal immigration.

The farmers say that “coyotes (human traffickers) abandon people, steal vehicles, vandalize property and threaten the safety and livelihoods of farmers and ranchers.” Texas Farm Bureau president Russell Boening told the New York Post that some of its members are seeing human traffickers drive through fields, running over crops, break into homes, and leaving their families stranded.

According to the group, the situation is becoming extremely problematic, and federal help is needed to help stop the crime as farmers are not able to sustain the financial hits. “Local and state border security resources have been exhausted, leaving little help for farmers and ranchers. We respectfully request federal authorities work promptly to provide additional resources and enforce legal immigration to secure U.S. borders,” writes the farm bureaus.

“The current situation should not be acceptable to you or to any American. People are being treated as a disposable source of income, and landowners are living in fear while Coyotes reap a windfall from leaving people destitute.” In June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration in multiple counties impacted by the exponentially increasing number of migrant crossings. The governor initiated a self-reporting system for Texas landowners to report damages caused by migrants and human smugglers, Breitbart Texas’ Randy Clark reported.

“I strongly encourage Texas landowners along the border to report any personal property damages they incur due to unlawful immigration, by completing the Self Reporting Damage Survey, our state will be equipped with the necessary data to continue addressing the ongoing crisis at our southern border and provide the support our landowners and communities need to stay safe and secure,” the Texas governor said in a written statement.



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