Kodak apologizes for Instagram post from photographer who called China an ‘Orwellian dystopia’

Camera company Kodak apologized for an Instagram post calling Xinjiang, China, an ‘Orwellian dystopia.’

Kodak’s Instagram featured photos of French photographer Patrick Wack’s upcoming book in a post with photos of the Xinjiang region. Wack’s work is critical of China and the particular region operating Uyghur Muslim internment camps, he lived in the country for 10 years and shot film for his book from 2016 through 2019. The Instagram caption read, “This body of work captures a visual narrative of the region and is a testimony to its abrupt descent into an Orwellian dystopia.” 

In a statement released after deleting the post, Kodak maintained that Wack’s views are not representative of the company. ​​They wrote, “Kodak’s Instagram page is intended to enable creativity by providing a platform for promoting the medium of film. It is not intended to be a platform for political commentary.” They continued, saying, “We will continue to respect the Chinese government and the Chinese law.”

The photos of Xinjiang can be found on Patrick Wack’s Instagram, and his book is available for pre-order. Wack describes his book, writing, “Recent events in Xinjiang are now considered some of the most severe crimes against humanity currently unfolding in the world and this project is possibly the most complete photographic documentation of the region in recent years.” 



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