CDC director stands firm on mask guidance, says it’s an ‘individual choice’ for those vaccinated

Despite multiple states ignoring the new guideance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is standing firm with the ruling that only unvaccinated people need to wear masks and that vaccinated people don’t.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told reporters “we are always looking at the data as the data come in.” But, she added, CDC mask guidance hasn’t changed and that — for now — there’s no need. “Fully vaccinated people are protected from severe illness, and we’ve always said that communities and individuals to make the decisions that are right for them based on what’s going on in their local areas,” she said.

She later added: “In areas that have high and low amounts of vaccination … if you’re unvaccinated, you should absolutely be wearing a mask. If you’re vaccinated, you have exceptional levels of protection from that vaccine, and you may choose to add an extra layer of protection by putting on your mask and that’s a very individual choice” [ABC].


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