Canada to open border to fully vaccinated Americans beginning August 9th

Beginning August 9th, fully vaccinated Americans may cross the Canadian border for non-essential travel.

Furthermore, five additional Canadian airports will cater to international flights on this date. The Canadian Government released a statement, suggesting more upcoming plans, “On September 7, 2021, the Government intends to open Canada’s borders to any fully vaccinated travelers who have completed the full course of vaccination with a Government of Canada-accepted vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering Canada and who meet specific entry requirements.”

Canada noted the plan is dependent on the “domestic epidemiologic situation.” Travelers will be required to log their information in the ArriveCAN phone application. This allows the Canadian government to check whether or not travelers meet COVID-19 standards.

Full-vaccinated individuals will be exempt from “the three-night government authorized hotel stay requirement.” However, all travelers must “provide a quarantine plan and be prepared to quarantine” in the case that they do not meet requirements upon arrival. Since COVID-19 restrictions began in March of 2020, the Canadian government has restricted what is considered non-essential travel.



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