Gymnast debunks rumor that cardboard beds in Olympic village are ‘anti-sex’

An Irish gymnast wants fans to know that the beds in the Olympic Village can withstand some intense movement.

Rhys McClenaghan posted a video on Twitter over the weekend debunking the “anti-sex” rumor that the cardboard beds constructed for athletes during their time in Tokyo were meant to discourage activities other than sleeping. In the video, McClenaghan aggressively jumps up and down on the bed to prove that it’s “fake news” that the beds will break “at any sudden movements.”

The official Olympics Twitter account even responded to McClenaghan and thanked him for the debunking. They also added that the “sustainable cardboard beds are sturdy.” Athletes have been forbidden from mixing with other nations at the Olympic Village and that COVID-19 protocols have to be observed all the time.

Condoms have traditionally been given to Olympic Games participants since the 1988 Seoul Olympics. This move was designed to raise awareness of AIDS while also encouraging safer sex. However, Tokyo 2020 organisers have not followed suit due to the pandemic. Three athletes inside the Olympic Village have already tested positive for COVID-19 and are now isolating while authorities establish their close contacts and who may need further testing.



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