Governor DeSantis, Abbott meet in border visit to discuss ‘migrant crisis’

On July 17, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined Texas Governor Greg Abbott in Del Río, Texas for a border security briefing and to discuss the growing border crisis.

In a press conference, the two talked about how there have been a record number of illegal immigrants entering the southern border this year. In addition, they talked about their concerns about the huge amount of drugs entering the country. Both Abbott and DeSantis said that the amount of fentanyl that was smuggled into the country in June alone is enough to kill all the men, women, and children in the states of Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and Arkansas.

DeSantis claimed that the majority of people entering the country illegally via Texas state that their intention is to make their way to Florida. Because of this, Florida law enforcement officials are working in Texas as backup to the Texas law enforcement. The governors placed the blame on the Biden administration for the worsening border crisis and for the lack of funding to deal with the problem.

The other concern that was voiced is the criminals who are entering the country illegally and the public safety issues that it can cause. The two said they have also partnered with governors from other states, including Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Arkansas, Arizona and Ohio. 



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