Germany’s worst rainfall in a century leaves over 100 dead and many more missing

Germany experienced its most intense rainfall in a century, leaving 105 people dead and hundreds missing.

”In some areas we have not seen as much rainfall in 100 years,” a spokesperson for the German weather service DWD said. Authorities report entire villages are flooded, leaving residents without power nor reception. The high number of unaccounted people is hoped to be a result of poor mobile networks and internet connections.

According to CNN, at least 105 people have been killed across two western states. In the hard-hit district of Ahrweiler, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, 1,300 people are unaccounted for. On Friday night, a dam along the river Rur in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia collapsed, forcing nearby communities to evacuate.

At least 165,000 people are currently without power in Rhineland-Palatinate and neighboring North Rhine-Westphalia, German authorities told CNN. Rescue efforts are ongoing, Herbert Reul, the state’s interior minister, said he had “never seen anything like this. The situation is enormously difficult and enormously dangerous.” He continued, saying rescuers have conducted “about 30,000 missions in the past days,” including airlifting people from hospitals and care homes.



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