Trudeau visits Alberta, denies federal government is in ‘election campaign mode’

In his first in-studio interview in 16 months, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Red FM Calgary host Rishi Nagar to discuss the possibility of a Federal election this year.

But Trudeau assured Nagar that recent investments in Alberta do not indicate his government is in an ‘election campaign mode.’ “Actually, it doesn’t. It shows that we are getting things done,” Trudeau said. “I’ve been taking advantage of the fact that our caseloads are now lower that people are getting vaccinated, to be able to travel a little bit more and make the announcements on things that we’ve been working on for many, many months.”

He said his government is preparing the country for the future, such as implementing the national price on carbon. “The energy sector workers in this province need to continue to have good jobs, but the sector is transforming. We’re going to be moving towards more renewables, towards hydrogen, more carbon capture and storage. The kinds of world-cutting innovations that are necessary. There’s a tremendous opportunity in the fact that some politicians here in Alberta have been fighting against even recognizing that climate change is real has slowed down Alberta’s ability to prepare for the economic future and the jobs of the future,” said Trudeau.

“It [These investments] shows we are getting things done,” said Trudeau. “Everyone knows this past year has been very difficult, and we’ve been really focused on supporting people through this pandemic, but at the same time, we’ve been working on how to rebuild our economy better.” Nearly 78 percent of eligible Canadians have so far received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Forty-four percent are fully vaccinated.



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