News cameraman dies after attack by far-right mob protesting LGBTQ march

A TV news cameraman was killed in the country of Georgia after being brutally attacked by a far-right mob who was there protesting an LGBTQ+ march. 

Alexander Lashkarav, who was only 37, worked for the independent station TV Pirveli. Lashkarav was found dead in his bed early Sunday morning after his violent beatdown in the former Soviet republic’s capital city, Tbilisi, last week. The cameraman was reportedly among more than 50 journalists who were targeted by violent hate groups on July 5th who were protesting the upcoming Pride march.

The march was later canceled due to safety concerns surrounding the event. “Lashkarav suffered fractures to his facial bones, though it is unclear what caused his death…Georgia’s interior ministry has launched an investigation into his death,” Jackie Salo with the New York Post writes. Critics have accused Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili of facilitating the hate groups by saying before the event was canceled that holding it was “not reasonable” due to security concerns. 

TV Pirveli’s news editor, Nodar Meladze, accused the government of Georgia of being behind violent attacks against journalists. “The government not only encourages violence against journalists, it is part of the violence,” Meladze said.




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Ethan Finn lives just outside of Sacramento in California. He was involved in Boy Scouts for most of his life and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in January of 2019. A passion for politics prompted him and his friend to start an Instagram page all about politics during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic—@conservative.outlet. Ethan finds it fascinating to be a part of the journalistic side of news as opposed to always being just a reader.

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