NYC hate crimes have risen by 139 percent in 2021, report says

Hate crimes in New York City have reportedly risen by 139 percent in 2021, according to New York City Police Department data.

“Cops say they’ve investigated 320 reports of possible bias attacks through June 27, up from 134 incidents during the same period in 2020. Offenses against Asians surged by 400 percent, to 105 reported cases this year from 21 last year,” the New York Post reported Saturday. The outlet said antisemitic assaults also rose 69 percent, reaching 113 incidents this year from 67 in 2020.

The NYPD reported 28 attacks on African-Americans this year, nearly double last year’s tally of 15.  There was also 11 hate crimes against whites, an increase from four in 2020; five incidents involving Muslims, up from two last year and four offences against Hispanics, after none last year, the data shows. In addition, the NYPD reported 31 hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation this year versus nine last year, a 244% increase. This year’s tally includes 13 cases motivated by gender, four by ethnicity and six by religion, the report stated.

“There’s no law and order anymore,” said a 26-year-old Upper West Side woman, who told The Post she and a group of fellow Jewish students were targeted outside Central Park on June 12. The woman said she suffered a concussion after unidentified masked thugs hurled eggs at her group — “three modestly dressed women” and “three young men with yarmulkes” — at 92nd Street and Central Park West around 8:30 p.m.

“We were walking, everything was fine. We turned onto 92nd and right under the scaffolding of this building [at 322 Central Park West], I just felt like a rock hit the back of my head. It was like, ‘Oh my god,’ and so I kept running. I went into flight or fight response,” the woman recalled. “I was in shock.” She said she has left the city and is staying with family in New Jersey.

A law enforcement officer was also a victim of a hate crime. On June 5, an irate man was caught on camera going on a racist tirade against an Asian NYPD officer clad in riot gear as protests raged in Washington Square Park. A suspect was arrested by the feds Friday, according to an FBI spokesperson.



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