Protestors shut down school board meeting, shouting ‘no more masks’—now 11 face charges

On May 4, the Granite County School District board meeting ended early due to attendees becoming disruptive; now at least 11 of them will face fines and/or jail time.

Granite County School District spokesman Ben Horsely told the Washington Post that 11 attendees are being charged with a misdemeanor following the May board meeting. The South Salt Lake City filed charges against 11 individuals last week. The process has taken nearly two months due to the fact that several attendees were from other areas and were not parents of Granite County School District student.

Horsely added that while the school district allows time for people to speak and voice concerns, the derailment of the meeting meant that several items on the agenda were pushed back until the June board meeting, causing “repercussions”. The May school board meeting allowed time for “citizen participation time” in which a parent voiced her concerns about the district’s continued mask mandate in schools despite the state of Utah having already lifted the statewide mandate.

After allowing a few parents to speak, the meeting moved on to allow Senator Kathleen Riebe speak. Attendees could be heard yelling and booing while she spoke. At the end of her speech, the meeting erupted into chaos as one woman yelled, “You let a senator come up here and speak in the name of my children who you guys are abusing? Are you serious?”

This was followed by the board members abruptly ending the meeting and the remaining attendees holding a mock meeting. Several Utah lawmakers responded to the situation, condemning the behaviors of those who participated. However, ten days after the meeting, the governor of Utah lifted the mask mandate within Utah school districts.



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