14-year-old girl sentenced for murder of D.C. Uber Eats driver

The younger of two girls charged in the second-degree murder of Mohammad Anwar, 66, was sentenced to a youth facility until she turns 21, according to Washington, D.C. CBS affiliate WUSA.

Now 14, the girl has seven years left in custody. The sentence given was the maximum sentence requested by prosecutors. Other charges against the teenagers were dropped as part of their plea deals with prosecutors. The girl and her 15-year-old co-defendant, who were both unidentified because they were both charged as juveniles, carjacked Anwar, an immigrant from Pakistan who was working as an Uber Eats driver.

As seen on video, Anwar held onto the driver’s side door of his vehicle as teens wrestled control of the car and took off down the street. The door violently struck several roadside fixtures. “It’s my car,” Anwar said before the vehicle sped away. Alongside a 15-year-old, she used a taser on Anwar during a carjacking attempt near Nationals Park, police said.

A police homicide detective, Chad Leo, testified in court late March that witnesses told him the teen girls and the driver were arguing loudly. The witnesses said the driver complained the girls were attempting to steal his car. Leo said one witness shot a video showing one girl behind the car’s steering wheel with a Taser as the other girl partially wedged between the open driver’s door sitting on top of the other girl.

Social media footage reviewed by The Epoch Times showed one girl starting the car as the other girl was behind the wheel as Anwar was hanging on. Leo cited footage showing the car speeding down Van Street before hitting a tree box. The car then took a right turn on N Street before it hit other cars and flipped on its side, throwing Anwar from the vehicle. According to the Fox affiliate, he suffered broken ribs, a broken pelvis, and other significant injuries before he was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.



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