New Norwegian law forces influencers to label edited videos on social media

Norwegian influencers will soon be required by law to label all photos they post on social media which have been edited or photoshopped.

The new regulations have been introduced as an amendment to Norway’s Marketing Act, and forms part of the nation’s efforts to tackle unrealistic beauty standards. The law will ensure that ads and social media posts which manipulate an individual’s appearance or body, are clearly marked. If a model has fuller lips, a flatter stomach or skin that looks unrealistically perfect, a watermark on the photo will allow social media users to know if the image has been altered.

The amendment reads: “The advertiser and the person designing the advertisement must further ensure that the advertisement where a body’s shape, size or skin has been changed by retouching or other manipulation, shall be marked.” It passed with a clear majority vote of 72-15, but will only apply “from the time the King decides.” The new law will also affect any companies advertising on social media who alter their posts to enhance their ads and marketing campaigns.

It is aimed at dealing with content which “plays on social insecurity, bad conscience, low self-esteem or contributes to body pressure.” In the amendments to the Marketing Act, the ministry said: “The measure will hopefully make a useful and significant contribution to curbing the negative impact that such advertising has, especially on children and young people.” Any individual who breaks this new law is likely to face a fine or a prison sentence in more extreme cases.



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