Former democrat Vernon Jones says CNN does not ‘want black people thinking for themselves’

Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones, a former lifelong Democrat, expressed his anger at the media this week, specifically slamming CNN for trying to stop blacks from “thinking for themselves.”

Jones wrote, “REAL journalism is dead in America. If the liberal media thinks they can bully me, intimidate me, or silence me, they have another thing coming.” “I’m not a resident on their plantation,” he added. “Jones first told the reporter to ask Attorney General Merrick Garland why he is investigating Georgia’s voter laws, laws which some Democrats have compared to Jim Crow, but won’t audit votes in Georgia or investigate things that are an ‘undisputed violation of the Constitution,’” The Daily Caller reported Friday on the interaction.

“Jones also asked the reporter if the drop-off boxes were used in the 2020 elections. The reporter, who said he is with CNN, told Jones that he wasn’t sure of the answer to his question and wouldn’t answer when Jones asked if he would look into it.” “Let’s put the camera on him,” Jones continued to press the reporter. “Were the drop-off boxes used?”

After again receiving no clear answer, Jones said that CNN is about “controlling” black Americans. “That’s what CNN is about. They don’t want people of color to have conservative thoughts. He’s here to keep me running and keep me from being the governor of the state. Why? Because liberals, they do not want blacks thinking for themselves.”



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