Mandalorian actress Sasha Banks takes heat for liking post that questions Covid vaccine

Actress Sasha Banks is taking heat for liking an Instagram post that questions the COVID-19 vaccine.

The questionable content was included in an Instagram carousel post, meaning there were multiple photos to swipe through on one post. However, the primary photo Banks liked was not questioning the vaccine. The first photo was a meme about government lockdowns. Following this is an image suggesting the COVID-19 vaccine is meant to sterilize the population, and another that says, “COVID Jab: They skipped all animal trails because all animals were dying & went directly to people.”

Banks may not have looked at the other photos, and she has yet to comment on the incident. Fans brought attention to the liked photo on Twitter, leading Banks to trend as an ‘anti-vaxxer.’ Some users came to her defense, saying “Who cares about her politics? She’s just asking questions. We don’t know if she actually believes this.”

Banks is the second star from the show ‘The Mandalorian’ to come under fire for engaging controversially on social media. The first was actress Gina Carano, who posted a Tweet saying “the Nazi government made people’s own neighbors hate them simply for being Jewish,” then comparing this to modern American political polarization, continuing, “how is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”



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