Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces he will visit southern border with Trump

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is vowing to do what he claims “the Biden administration is refusing to do” when it comes to border security.

Abbott will tour the U.S.-Mexican border with former President Trump this week as he pledges to continue building a border wall. Abbott announced earlier this month steps to stem the flow of migrants illegally crossing the border into Texas — among them are temporary fencing along the border as he pledges to finish construction of the border wall begun under then-President Trump, but halted at the beginning of the Biden presidency.

“We’ve seen so many people coming across the border who are harming Texans and as governor I cannot allow my fellow Texans to being harmed or endangered,” Abbott declared two weeks ago in an interview on Fox News’ “Hannity.” And he pledged: “We’re going to arrest people and put them in jail for a long time so they will know they’re no longer going to be getting the Biden red carpet treatment.”

In recent week, Abbott has also signed bills restricting the teaching of critical race theory in his state and allowing Texas to carry weapons without a license. It also comes two weeks before the state legislature – under orders from the governor – will return for a special session to pass legislation tightening voting access rules, another GOP priority [FOX]


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