Louisiana governor vetoes gun law, retains concealed carry permit requirements

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana vetoed a constitutional carry bill, retaining concealed carry permit requirements.

The legislation, Senate Bill 118, allowed citizens over the age of 18 to carry a firearm without a permit if they meet the standards of other federal laws. Republican lawmakers created the bill and Senator Jay Morris led the efforts. In defense of the legislation, Morris said, “The people of Louisiana want it and hopefully we will join our neighbors, like Texas and Mississippi, and pass constitutional carry with or without the Governor’s signature.”

Earlier this year, Texas passed constitutional carry. Upon his veto, Governor Edwards wrote, “Our current system strikes the right balance of ensuring that people can bear arms while also keeping reasonable permitting and training processes in place. It is a matter of basic public safety and numerous law enforcement leaders across the state opposed the bill for this reason, especially as it relates to the enhanced risk posed to their officers.” The Governor asserted his value for the Second Amendment and defined himself as an “enthusiastic outdoorsman and hunter.”  



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Antoinette is a community college student in Sacramento, California. She is a Politics Editor at Fact Based America, a correspondent for Campus Reform, and a student journalist. She previously worked for Turning Point USA as a High School Coordinator.

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