President Biden announces bipartisan agreement on $973 billion infrastructure deal—the largest ever

Accompanied by a bipartisan group of 10 senators, President Biden announces an infrastructure deal June 24 outside the White House.

Biden led a group of Democratic and Republican senators out of the White House where he motioned for the 10 lawmakers to gather around him. “We had a really good meeting,” Biden said, We have a deal.” If passed by Congress, the $973 billion bipartisan agreement to fund roads, bridges, pipes, transmission lines and broadband over five years will be the largest package of spending on the country’s infrastructure in modern history.

Biden is poised to deliver legislation that would rid the country of dangerous lead pipes carrying drinking water, fund thousands of construction jobs and pour money into transit — including the Amtrak — all with at least a handful of Republican votes. Biden also has pledged to sign a separate measure, likely to be passed only with Democratic support, that includes liberal priorities such as subsidizing health-care workers, extending direct child-care payments to families and bringing down college costs [Washington Post].

“I know there are some in my party who discouraged me from seeking agreement with our Republican colleagues — who said that we should go bigger and go alone,” Biden said at a separate news conference Thursday afternoon to discuss the deal. “To them I say this: I’ve already shown in my young presidency I’m prepared to move the country forward. . . . We can find common ground.” He also appealed to the country to reduce partisanship. “We’ve devoted far too much energy to competing with one another and not nearly enough energy competing with the rest of the world to win in the 21st century,” the president said [MSN].


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