Wisconsin state assembly bans transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports

On Wednesday, June 16th, House Bill 195 and 196 passed in Wisconsin. This bans any transgender athletes from competing in girls’ and women’s athletic divisions.

One is specified for school-sponsored sports, the other is from collegiate sports, both of which passed. The next step is being sent to the Senate. Democrats opposed this bill,  saying that, “they were outraged by the idea that boys will choose to identify as girls so as to gain an advantage and win competitions,” according to the Wisconsin Examiner. Supporters of the bill, on the other hand, argue that it is unfair for someone who was once a male to compete in a woman’s sport, due to biological advantages.

“These bills are about fairness and inclusion, making room in competitive sports for everyone to feel comfortable”, said Barabara Dittrich, Republican Representative from Oconomowoc – 38th District (Journal Sentinel). Dittrich feels as though it is unfair for girls who want to participate in team sports to have to compete against trans women; she feels as though there is a disadvantage for all others. “This is especially close to home having competed against women that were taking performance-enhancing drugs and gaining an advantage over women athletes that were competing with their natural hormonal chemistry”, stated Dittrich (WISN, ABC) in March when she first introduced the bill. 

The democratic side believes that the ban will have many negative issues for these transgender women. Some of these issues are potentially harming mental health. Another is with limiting the amount of exposure to team sports these individuals will be lacking. “What’s new is our effort to build a society that actually sees them, that loves them and defends them fiercely”, says Representative Kristina Shelton.



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