CNN criticized for misleading headline about GA voter roll purge

CNN was the focus of criticism on Sunday following a misleading headline concerning Georgia’s purge of outdated voter files from the state’s voter registration roll.

The CNN story, headlined, “Georgia removes 100,000 names from voter registration rolls” riled up Twitter critics, who accused the left-leaning outlet of intentionally omitting “a rather important detail that every U.S. state routinely removes moved/inactive voters from their rolls as a best practice of election administration.”

“In a click-driven age, there’s a dangerous tendency to conflate changes that are best practice/required by federal law with developments that could actually risk election subversion,” Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman wrote. “Given the stakes, it’s imperative for news organizations to be careful and clear.”

“Purging redundancies from voter lists and registration rolls is an important maintenance task. It ensures greater accuracy,” others explained. “I recommend CNN make this clear to viewers by running a segment explaining the importance of keeping registration rolls and voter list up to date” [FOX].


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