Senate confirms President Biden’s first judicial nominee, Julien Neals

Julien Neals was nominated to the federal bench for the US District Court of New Jersey. He was confirmed by a vote of 66 to 33, with only Senator Bernie Sanders not voting.

Later that day, Regina Rodriguez was confirmed by the Senate, as well, to the Federal District Court in Colorado. Biden celebrated the Senate for their confirmation and stated, “They are both highly qualified, and they represent the diversity that is one of the ultimate strengths of our nation.” Neals had previously served as acting county administrator and county counsel of Bergen, New Jersey. He has been politically involved for years. In 2015, President Obama nominated Neals for the district court in New Jersey, but the Senate stalled his nomination.

Former trial lawyer and federal prosecutor, Regina Rodriguez will be the first Asian-American judge to have a seat on the Colorado federal bench. According to Colorado Politics, Rodriguez, “…headed the U.S. attorney for Colorado’s civil rights division during her tenure working for the U.S. Justice Department and represented corporate clients in private practice.” She comes from a very mixed background and her family has gone through several hardships, her mother having been relocated to an internment camp in Wyoming during World War II.

Both nominees have bipartisan support and were confirmed quickly. Biden has stated that he is thankful for the Senate being able to confirm these judges as rapidly as they could. He also indicated that with these two nominees confirmed, it will strengthen the nation as a whole and reveal diversity through different cultures on the Federal Bench. The Democratic majority was eager to confirm the nominees, especially Julien Niels, as he had been waiting since 2015. During Neals’s initial nomination in 2015, the Senate, at the time a Republican majority, dragged out his confirmation.


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