Matt Walsh raises over $100K to repair AOC’s grandma’s house in Puerto Rico—though someone in AOC’s family rejected it

A GoFundMe launched by the conservative commentator Matt Walsh has paused after raising over $100K for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother.

Matt Walsh, a conservative commentator, has launched a GoFundMe after reading a tweet from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez about the terrible situation of her grandmother after hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, complaining also how – according to her – former President Trump blocked all the help to the island. In four days the GoFundMe launched by Walsh reached the amount of $104,153, but one of Ocasio´s relatives didn’t accept the money, without any further explanation.

Ocasio´s grandma who in 2019 was reportedly living with the congresswoman’s mother Blanca in Florida. After the rejection, GoFundMe deactivate the money collection and said through a spokesman Bobby Whithorne to the New York Post that “The beneficiary has made clear to our Trust and Safety team they do not wish to accept the donations.” GoFundMe added, “When a beneficiary doesn’t want to accept the funds that have been raised on their behalf, it is standard practice to turn off donations, then refund all donors.” The message from GoFundMe appears to suggest that it may not have been Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother who directly refused the funds, but someone else in the family.


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