Women in Scotland charged with “Transphobic Hate Crime” for posting photo of suffragette ribbon

50-year-old Marion Millar, an accountant for a gender-critical feminist group in Scotland, has been charged for allegedly posting transphobic posts on twitter.

Millar was charged under the Communications Act for six posts on twitter that was posted back in 2019 and is facing up to six months in prison if convicted. According to the Times, in the middle of this debacle is a “retweeted photograph of a bow of ribbons in the green, white and purple colours of the Suffragettes, tied around a tree outside the Glasgow studio where a BBC soap opera is shot.” To most UK women fighting for women’s rights, the colors green, white and violet represents freedom, hope, purity, and royalty, but transgender activists quickly characterized the tweet to be a “transphobic hate crime” while also making the claim that the ribbon represented a noose.

Millar works for For Women Scotland, a feminist group that fights for the rights of biological women, who last January challenged the Scottish government over the definition of “woman” that the government provided in an act that seeks to improve gender representation in public school boards. Millar, a gender-critical feminist, opposes the view of gender self-identification and fears that, because biological sex is being forgotten, this will ruin all the process made by feminist throughout history [The Guardian].

Those who believe that women’s rights are under attack have quickly rallied behind Millar in support of free speech. On Thursday, supporters stood outside the Coatbridge police station with signs and placards that read “women won’t weesht [be quite],” a saying that was made popular by Millar and other feminist activists. Some supporters were also seen tying suffragette colors on posts, and some were seen wearing fake moustaches on their face.

A spokesperson for For Women Scotland commented on the issue saying, “Marion is naturally upset that the police have decided to press ahead with charges. Millar has confirmed via twitter that there are two separate complaints made to authorities alleging her post were “threatening”. The Guardian announced there was some “confusion over whether the police were investigating Millar under Scotland’s controversial new hate crime legislation, which was passed in April and which some women have argued could be used to prevent them advancing their gender-critical positions. The relevant provisions of the Hate Crime Act 2021 are not yet in force.”


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