REPORT: Mexican cartels are now using drones to attack enemies and smuggle drugs

Recent comments from both Mexico and US defense agencies have given serious gravity to the prevalence of drone use for cartel operations.

Specifically cartels in Southwest Mexico use drones to attack competing cartels and to even transport drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine across other towns and even internationally into the United States. Mexican Defense Secretary Luis Crescencio Sandoval González stated drones “have not been effective since drones can’t carry enough explosives to harm a person or an institution.” Even though Drones are not at an optimal performance and at a dangerous level of influence yet the risk and concerns keep rising because of the advances in drone technology and ease of purchasing such equipment.

Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) had an anonymous operative speak with BusinessInsider about details on cartel operations using drones as a new tools for their operations. The anonymous source told Insider that “These are bought in the US, in California or by internet. They are normal drones, like a Mavic or Mavic 2. They can fly somewhat far and carry some load.” It is quite shocking to international traders that their drone sales to Mexico are being used for such crimes.

Many political figures and businesses would like to see some kind of business restrictions placed on the sale and transport of drones and that category of technology from being freely exported to Mexico without verification of destination or use of said technology. U.S. authorities have recorded the earliest capture of a “narcodrone” back in April of 2015, which carried over 25 lbs of Heroin.


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