Woman preached ‘F— the police’ hours before killing police officer while driving under influence

Hours before killing a New York police officer while driving under the influence, Jessica Beauvais posted a 1.5 hour Facebook live stream berating police officers.

Throughout the video, Beauvais is seen drinking and smoking while sharing her opinion on the Derek Chauvin trial. She said cops are “signing up for potential death” and continuously stated, “f*** the police.” Referencing the song, Beauvais said, “Like NWA say about the police — if you’re going to kill me, at least I get to take someone with me. I’m one of those people. If I’m going to go, someone is coming.” 

Around 2 AM, NYPD Highway Officer Anastasios Tsakos was redirecting traffic on the Long Island Expressway after an unrelated fatal car accident. Tsakos was a 43-year-old married father of two. According to the indictment, Beauvais fled the scene after hitting Tsakos. The collision severed the officer’s leg and the impact hurled him nearly 200 feet.

Upon her arrest, Beauvais was almost double the legal alcohol limit for driving, showing a 0.15 on a Breathalyzer test. While in the back of the squad car, the New York Daily News reported Beauvais said, “Why did my first accident have to be a cop? Not that I wanted it to be someone else, but f***, I’ve been driving since I was 16 and haven’t hit as much as a pothole.” She faces 13 charges, including manslaughter in the second degree, and if convicted she may face up to 15 years in prison.




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