Tennessee to penalize schools for allowing students to use boys and girls bathrooms interchangeably

Tennessee governor and Republican Bill Lee signs a bill that would potentially penalize schools and education centers that allow biological men and women to use bathrooms interchangeably. 

The bill, which will go into effect in the very near future, is the first bill restricting bathroom use by transgender people signed in any state in about five years, according to Wyatt Ronan, a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign. The bill was signed by Lee on Friday, which is yet another bill protecting biological men and women signed this year, others coming from states such as Arkansas, Texas, and Alabama. NBC News reports on the story, citing, “Under the bathroom measure, a student, parent or employee could sue in an effort to claim monetary damages “for all psychological, emotional, and physical harm suffered” if school officials allow a transgender person into the bathroom or locker room when others are in there.

They also could take legal action if required to stay in the same sleeping quarters as a member of the opposite sex at birth, unless that person is a family member.” LGBTQ advocates heavily criticized the bill, labeling the measure as discriminatory and transphobic. The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee has said the requirement would violate equal protection rights under the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act. The ACLU expects the law will be challenged in court.




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