Evidence shows ex-FBI chief gave $100,000 to Joe Biden’s grandchildren’s trust

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh who was appointed by George H.W. Bush gave $100,000 to a trust that belongs to the Biden family.

Specifically, the fund is for two of Biden’s grandchildren. This donation came alongside a claimed stipulation of future work as eluded from email exchanges between Hunter Biden and Louis Freeh. This donation was made in April 2016 during the soon exit of Vice President Biden and the Obama Administration. Leaked emails reveal comments “Thank you Hunter and I would be delighted to do future work with you” and “I also spoke to Dad a few weeks ago and would like to explore with him some future work projects.” Freeh in March of 2017 authored another email that enticed Hunter and the family to be involved with Freeh and his law firm which is highly profitable. “I would still like to persuade him to associate with me and FSS (Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan)—as we have some very good and profitable matter which he could enhance with minimal time,” the email said.

The initial 100K donation was to the children of late Beau Biden who had passed away due to brain cancer in 2015. Proof that this donation took place is provided in yet another email from Freed to Hunter “As you know, our family foundation made a $100K contribution to Hallie’s children’s trust last year.” The recent leaks of the email exchanges between Freeh and Biden that also reference many other key figures have been concerning to some as possible corruption and bribery history. These leaks have sparked a lack of trust in the first family and their previous dealings in their professional and personal lives. All the while Hunter Biden admits that the laptop that these emails were retrieved from could “certainly” belong to him.




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