Obama privately called Trump a “racist pig,” “fu**ing lunatic,” and “corrupt motherfu**er” in new book

Although former President Obama refrained from publicly attacking Donald Trump for most of his presidency, just as former presidents have refrained from attacking their successors, in private Obama was much more candid about what he thought of President Donald Trump.

It’s no surprise that Obama has been critical of Trump’s presidency and vice versa-especially when considering a speech Obama delivered during the 2020 Presidential Election. According to The Guardian, Obama accused Trump of trying to suppress voters in the election and urged America to not let “them take away your democracy.” 

According to a new book, Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrat’s Campaign to Defeat Donald Trump by Edward-Isaac Dovere from the Atlantic, Obama used words and phrases such as, “madman”, “racist, sexist pig”, “that fu**ing lunatic”, and “corrupt motherfu**er” to describe the former president.

Dovere claims that Obama’s harsh remarks were sparked by reports given to him acknowledging that Trump was in communication with Vladimir Putin during the Russian election interference investigation, according to The Guardian. Dovere reports in his book that at first Obama preferred the idea of Trump becoming president versus Ted Cruz during the 2016 election cycle. Obama was quick to retract those comments and was reported saying “I didn’t think it would be this bad,” and “I didn’t think we’d have this racist, sexist pig,” when speaking with his donors (New York Post). 

Dovere wrote on twitter Wednesday, “Can confirm this is all in the Battle for the Soul – but there’s much more about Obama and his reactions to the last four years. There’s some cursing from him, but there’s also depth and reflection,” while adding a link to preorder the book. New York Post reports that in the same manner, First Lady Jill Biden is also quoted saying that Kamala Harris should “go f**k” herself on a call with supporters a week after Harris challenged Joe Biden’s record on race during a Democratic debate.




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