Louisiana police release 2019 body camera footage in deadly arrest of Ronald Greene

More than two years after Ronald Greene died while in police custody, Louisiana State Police have released hours of video evidence related to his arrest.

The videos, released two days after The Associated Press obtained body camera footage of the incident, show state troopers punching and using a stun gun on Greene, a 49-year-old Black man, after he crashed his car following a pursuit in northern Louisiana on May 10, 2019. “It’s unfortunate that the path to get here today has taken this long, but we’re at a point where we can hopefully provide you some information and offer some insight into the processes and developments as to the case, and our department,” Louisiana State Police Col. Lamar Davis said during a press briefing Friday evening announcing the release of the footage. “Some evidence has been released to the media without the approval of LSP, and that evidence is now being provided to the public in its full capacity and context.”

Davis, who took over the agency in October, could not comment on the conduct of the officers in the arrest, which is the subject of state and federal criminal investigations, including a civil rights investigation by the FBI. Greene’s family also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisiana State Police last year. The family said authorities initially told them that Greene, who had failed to stop for a traffic violation, died when his car crashed into a tree or shrub. The family had disputed the initial police report, which did not mention the use of force by the troopers, and previously released photos of Greene from after the incident showing what appeared to be multiple bruises and lacerations around his face and head.




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