MTA exec accuses NY mayor of being out of touch with subway safety fears

Interim Transit President Sarah Feinberg has said that the New York Mayor is out of touch with the reality of subway safety. 

“He’s a 6-foot, 7-inch man walking around the subway system with armed security, right? That’s just not how customers go through life,” Feinberg told WABC-TV’s Bill Ritter in a pre-taped interview that aired Sunday morning. “It’s not just about security, frankly, it’s about that size and what you bring to any situation,” she said. “That is not what women feel. That is not the vulnerable feel. That is not what our older population feels. That is not what an essential worker who’s getting in at Parsons and coming in for an hour, that is not what they feel.”

The comments were recorded on Thursday, the MTA said — the day before a string of subway slashings across Manhattan left multiple people injured and one person blinded in one eye. After Friday’s attacks, Feinberg challenged the mayor to “wake up,” while continuing to state that more cops are required to work underground. In her WABC interview, Feinberg praised Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, a de Blasio appointee, and the NYPD for adding officers in recent days — but said she was “frustrated” with the mayor himself for batting away her concerns about public safety.

“My concern is I don’t feel heard by the mayor, and I feel like he is desperate to have a political fight about this. That’s not what this is,” she said. “I don’t want to have a political fight. I just want to get us to a place where we’re doing the right thing for the city.” She insisted the subway “doesn’t feel right right now.” ‘If you’re riding the system, you can feel it,” she said. “That’s what I think the mayor is missing. I appreciate the fact that he’s been in the system recently, he’s been riding the system more recently. That’s great, we welcome him anytime. But I’m not sure that he is feeling what the vast, vast, vast majority of riders [feel].” City Hall has insisted the subways are safe — while blaming the MTA for attempting to politicize the issue. De Blasio has claimed that “real New Yorkers” feel safe on the subway.





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