Biden’s Education Secretary reportedly considering implementing federal “equity” curriculum in schools

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona was tasked with creating a course of in-depth study into the minority cultures of our nation back when he was the education commissioner of Connecticut. Fox News, via the Freedom of Information Act, was able to request and obtain an email written by Cardona in 2019. The email was an invitation to get people onboard with working on an advisory group out of the State Education Resource Center. Cardona would later request 2020 Teacher of the Year, Meghan Hatch, join the advisory group.

Hatch’s record in education runs a trend of social justice, most notably that she studied Black and Latino cultures, making her good for their panel’s process in creating the “woke” curriculum. “…Has created programming incorporating social justice, for race and gender inequalities… Her application included more references to the importance of Black leaders in History than anything I have read before… She volunteered teaching in Ghana and Ecuador… Understands curriculum reduces invisibility for students of color and creates global preparedness for all students.” Cardona listed.

Hatch is also active on Twitter as a progressive educator or “antiracist-focused educator”, with a quote in her bio stating: “There is no such thing as an apolitical classroom”. Given this amount of experience, activity, and the fact that Hatch was Teacher of the Year, Cardona finds it will encourage more teachers to support the curriculum. “Sends the right message that we are asking the ToY to help us do better,” Cardona said. As of right now, no word has clarified the scope of Cardona’s curriculum.

The possibility of the curriculum going federal is now a possibility since he himself has gained federal office. The uncertainty that Cardona holds in teacher compliance roots from fears of teachers like Virginia government teacher, Monica Gill. Her school system was instructed to teach similar courses and “promote equity”. “We’re told that we’re living in a country that’s suffering from systemic racism and I think that that whole notion has done nothing but damage our community and our school since they began pushing equity,” Gill said to Fox news, “And I can tell you, one thing that’s for sure, it has been disruptive because there are parents who disagree with this ideology, there are teachers who disagree with it, there are students who disagree with it — and it is harmful.”





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