Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell accuse detention officers of unlawfully reviewing her legal documents

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell are accusing guards at a federal detention center of improperly confiscating and reviewing her legal documents after she met with her lawyers at the facility over the weekend, according to a letter Monday to the federal judge overseeing Maxwell’s criminal case.

“Ms. Maxwell observed three guards going through the [folder], reading papers and pages of the notebook, dividing papers into two stacks, and leaving the room with the papers,” wrote Bobbi C. Sternheim, one of Maxwell’s criminal lawyers, in the letter to U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan. Maxwell’s lawyers said guards then “intimidated Ms. Maxwell” by standing “knee to knee” over her as she used the bathroom, and threatening her with a disciplinary infraction, the letter states.

Staff at the jail informed Maxwell’s lawyers after the visit that she had violated policy by receiving paperwork from her attorneys that was not in her possession when she entered the visiting area, according to an email from the facility’s legal counsel attached to Sternheim’s letter. Sternheim called that allegation “inaccurate” and noted that Maxwell and her lawyers were “under the constant watch of four to five guards” with a portable camera and fixed surveillance cameras recording the two-and-a-half-hour visit. “At no time did the guards, who were assiduously watching and filming the legal conference, bring any concern to my attention,” Sternheim wrote. “The conduct of which both Ms. Maxwell and counsel have been accused did not happen; and the conduct on the part of the guards was reprehensible.”

Maxwell’s attorneys are threatening legal action over the alleged incident and sent a letter to the facility’s lawyer demanding that all video and notes surrounding the Saturday visit be preserved. The documents in question were returned to one of Maxwell’s lawyers on Sunday, but Sternheim claimed that it is “unknown whether any seized documents were retained or copied by the MDC.”




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