My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell files lawsuit against Dominion voting machines for “stifling free speech”

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell announced Monday that he will be suing Dominion voting machines for 1.6 billion dollars.

Dominion voting machines have been under question by Donald Trump and many of his supporters ever since the November second election. The lawsuit, which was filed in a Minnesota federal court, makes the case that dominion voting is trying to stifle free speech by trying to cancel those who speak out against it. Mike Lindell has been a long time donor to the GOP and a stoch ally to President Trump and has frequently supported his claims on election fraud. The lawsuit states that Mike Lindell was speaking for himself and his beliefs are not the official position of My Pillow. During the announcement over live stream, Mike Lindell announced, “This is all about the First Amendment rights and free speech.”

Along with the lawsuit he also filed a motion to dismiss the 1.3 billion dollar that Dominion voting brought against both My Pillow and Mike Lindell. Lindell’s attorney, Alan Dershowitz, discussed the lawsuit with Lindell during the livestream on Monday. “I’ve been defending the First Amendment for 60 years, and I’m not going to stop now,” Dershowitz said. The lawsuit accuses the company of “lawfare” or using the legal system to attack its critics who have “falsely argued that the technology company manipulated the 2020 election.

More specifically the lawsuit states “Lawfare is the use of the legal system as part of wrongful scheme to attack another person and inflict extra-judicial harm upon them, Here, Dominion’s scheme is wrongful because Dominion’s purpose is to punish and deter important constitutionally-protected activity–free expression about a matter of public concern.” Stephen Shackelford, a partner at Susman Godfrey LLP, in defense of Dominion, stated, “This is a meritless retaliatory lawsuit, filed by MyPillow to try to distract from the harm it caused to Dominion.”




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