Black student at a Michigan college identified as culprit of white supremacy graffiti

A 21-year-old black male has been identified as the “white supremacist” behind the racist graffiti at Albion College in Albion, Michigan.

According to Michigan Live, officials at the college have confirmed that the racist graffiti was done by a black student. The graffiti included statements such as “white power” and “white lives matter.” The graffiti also took a more sinister tone with “666” being drawn on top of The Star of David, “let’s kill all n******” and “Albion is racist, we do exist KKK.”  Images of the racist graffiti went viral quickly with one local news outlet censoring the graffiti “due to it being so offensive.” Prior to this discovery, students at Albion College were outraged on Twitter at the racist graffiti.

One student Tweeted “This is what has been happening at Albion College.  There has been more than 12 racist incidents within the past week. Someone has to put an end to this @albioncollege put security cameras in the hallways, whatever is going to bring punishment to this BLATANT racism”. This Tweet has since been deleted. Albion College students also hosted a campus boycott with many saying they didn’t feel safe at the college. The boycott lasted for 3 days. One student on the boycott was quoted as saying “We will change and heal together as a community, because we are committed to doing the work.” College officials have stated on Twitter that the student had been acting alone. As a result of this incident, the student has been suspended by the college and removed from their property pending an investigation.

The college didn’t address the nature of this incident directly on Twitter, instead saying that they “know the acts of racism that have occurred this week are not about one particular person or one particular incident. We know that there is a significant history of racial pain and trauma on campus and we are taking action to repair our community.” The Albion police brought the accused male in for questioning where he admitted to doing most of the graffiti. The student was released after questioning. At this stage, it is unclear whether any charges will be brought against this student. Andy Ngo posted a Tweet directed at the students who boycotted class and demanded the expulsion of the perpetrator “The student who did this is black. One of your group’s demands was an immediate expulsion.  Do you stand by that demand? Is the suspect connected to your group?’





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