House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells reporters that US is on “good path” regarding Southern border

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) told reporters that the U.S. was on a “good path” regarding the southern border, at an event in California on Wednesday.

“The fact is that we’re on a good path at the border under the leadership of President Biden,” Pelosi said. “It’s about restructuring how we do what is happening there, because we were in a very bad situation under the Trump administration.” Nancy Pelosi also took aim at Republicans for blaming the spread of COVID-19 on migrants. “The loss of so many lives comes to the fact that one year ago The President of The United States called [COVID] a hoax.” 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection detained over 171,000 migrants crossing the border illegally in March, according to data provided to the Washington Post. This is the highest number in 15 years. Among those, agents detained over 18,800 unaccompanied minors. This is the highest number of minors to cross the border illegally in a calendar month.

The Biden administration is expecting over 20,000 unaccompanied minors to cross the border every month from April through September, according to internal projections obtained by Axios. Biden and Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have claimed that the surge in migrants is seasonal, with the number of migrants rising from January through March. However, Mayorkas predicted in March that the administration would “encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years.” Republicans have responded by laying the blame at the door of the Biden administration. They have targeted the immigration reform bill and also the removal of some Trump restrictions on illegal immigration.

“You can’t help but notice that the administration changes and there is a surge,” Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said on Fox News in March. Chip Roy (R-TX) responded to Nancy Pelosi’s comments with a lengthy statement on The Guy Benson Show. Chip Roy remarked that “Well, that is absolute insanity. And let me try to this.  I mean this in a non-partisan way.  Ok, that is classic Washington speak that is completely devoid of reality, of what’s happening on the ground.  You said it before.  We had one hundred and seventy one one hundred seventy two thousand apprehensions in March.  That does not account, as you point out, of the got aways and the got aways are your most dangerous people between ports of entry.  But this is actually very dramatically worse.  We have eight facilities that are packed to the gills right now, processing facilities that are overrun.”




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