Oregon officials announce new initiatives for promoting social justice training for high school students

Oregon officials have recently announced new initiatives and programs for promoting ‘social justice’ training for high school students, resulting in strong pushback from parents opposed to implementing such programs. It’s said that such initiatives have been supported and crafted by active, progressive social justice groups.

In response to the announcement of new initiatives for new ‘high school social justice training’ introduced by the Oregon State Education Department, many Oregon parents have pushed back against the introduction of such new initiatives. A state education advocacy group of parents– Oregonians for Liberty in Education– spoke out against the state’s decision to implement new programs. Expressing dissatisfaction with what the group perceived as a politicization of education, claiming it was a “clearly political perspective being fed to the youth.” It’s been reported that several frustrated parents recently became involved with Orgeonians for Liberty in Education, leading oppositional movements against the implementation of such new programs. Reportedly, the group of parents has defined their movement as parents who “want ideology out of the classroom.”

As reported by an Oregon State Department of Education newsletter, Oregon schools announced plans to host a live webinar via Zoom that would discuss the introduction of new high school programs for “social justice training.” The discussion, planned to take place at the Oregon Museum Center for Holocaust Education, would host a pannel of members of various social activist groups and boardmembers of the state education department for a live discussion. The panel is set to feature Portland activist groups like “Don’t Shoot PDX–” a political advocacy group for Black Americans– as well as “March for our Lives–” a student-led group that advocates for gun control. Additionally, other Portland-based groups like “Mob for Justice,” “Social Justice Action Center,” and “Portland Youth Climate Strike” noted that they would be participating in breakout discussions following the main panel. 

Many conservative and libertarian-leaning parents have spoken out against these new programs. Expanding, they’ve mentioned that such programs would be ‘ideologically centered,’ as they’ve argued that such groups largely advocate for the perspectives of left-leaning causes. However, as many supporters of the new initiatives have noted, these kinds of initiatives are not anything new in American education programs. Programs similar to the one proposed in Oregon have been already been implemented through partnerships with the ACLU and the education group “Sex Ed for Social Change.” Thus, these new programs, if implemented, would not be anything Americans have not yet seen.




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