New footage shows George Floyd purchasing cigarettes, witness says Floyd “seemed high”

New footage shows George Floyd purchasing cigarettes using a counterfeit bill in a Cup Foods store on May 25th. The cashier, 19-year-old Christopher Martin, also told the Jury that Floyd “seemed high”.

In the video Floyd is seen walking around the shop, talking to employees and customers. He can be seen shuffling around and bouncing on his toes as he moves in and out of frame. The video does not have any audio. The new footage also shows Floyds friend wearing red pants, walking into the store and handing him something. Martin said that he later saw this man sitting in the passenger seat of Floyd’s car. Martin said that earlier in the day he had prevented that same man from using a fake bill, saying that the man was “trying to scheme” and was acting like he knew the bill was a fake. Later the surveillance footage shows George Floyd walking up to the counter and paying for a packet of cigarettes, Martin then realised that Floyd might be high, although he said that he could understand the requests Floyd made.

The cashier, who is wearing a grey hoodie can then be seen holding up the $20 bill to inspect it, told the court he believed it was counterfeit. He describes the bill as having a “blue pigment to it how a $100 would,” explaining that “I found it odd, so I presumed it was fake … I don’t know what I was looking for, I just knew it was fake.” Martin then told the court that the store’s policy on counterfeit money was that whoever accepted a fake bill would have to pay for it themselves, and that he had initially intended to put it on his “tab.” Martin continued, saying, “Then I second guessed myself and kept examining it and eventually called my manager.”

When questioned by the court about why he let Floyd use the fake bill when he had earlier prevented the man in red pants who was seen interacting with Floyd from using one. Martin claimed that he thought he was “doing him a favour,” saying he “thought that George didn’t really know it was a fake bill.” The cashier then said his manager told him to call Floyd back into the store as he had now gone out to his car. Martin went to the car twice to ask Floyd to come back inside but Floyd failed to do so both times. With Floyd refusing to return to the store the manager advised another employee to call the cops, the police then arrived and arrested Floyd outside. The footage is now a part of the mountain of evidence collected by both the prosecution and defence for the trial of Derick Chauvin, the officer being charged for Floyd’s death.





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