Texas dog called a hero after protecting family from knife-wielding home intruder

A recent event in Texas is holding a dog as a hero, protecting his family when a home intruder holding a knife entered a home. 

On March 29th a home intruder entered a home only to be apprehended by the house owners’ dog. In the early morning of Friday, an unnamed man– according to authorities– intruded on a house. He came through the backdoor, which was unlocked, overlooked by the homeowners. However, when he came through the house, which was still dark at the time, he intended to be in and out quickly and quietly. Such plans, however, were thwarted by the owner’s dog. This dog– an 8-year-old black Labrador– started barking at the intruder waking up the Texas family, the last of which was Taylor Newsom– the dog’s primary owner.

As the couple awoke they went to investigate what the noise was. It was still dark inside the house but when they flicked on the lights that found a stranger inside the house. The male in the couple, named Taylor Newsom, got in a fight with the intruder. When this happened the unnamed intruder grabbed a knife which was in his vicinity. Wielding this knife he attacked Taylor Newsom trying to hurt him. He was successful, stabbing Taylor in the arm. After this action, Marley the dog got her turn. She started to attack the knife wielding intruder, who successfully sliced Marley, however the dog finally got the man to retreat out of the house using the back door. Police found him later hiding near a creek and they identified him as Thong Pham. He has been charged with two crimes, aggravated assault and cruelty to non-livestock animals.

The family commented on this situation calling their dog a hero, saving the family from a much worse situation. A comment from Amber Newsom said the following “She’s our hero,If it hadn’t been for her, that guy could’ve gone to their rooms or something.” The family thought that the situation could have gotten worse much faster if it was not for the dog holding off the intruder, waking up and warning the owners of the threat inside the house. As of now Taylor and Marley’s injuries seem to not be life threatening and they are back to normal except for the sling Taylor has on his arm.

The story has not been widely reported, not holding much weight to other stories in today’s news environment. However, this story has reached many, touching them and conveying what courage is. Many are surprised what one would do to protect their family and fight back against people like this. Many have been touched by this story because it shows how even dogs can be heroes in today’s environment, not just humans, not just military, and not just celebrities but anyone! Many have interpreted the lesson of this story as teaching, when it comes to our family and protecting them, all living things will do the craziest things, including fighting a person with a knife.





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