Astronomers discover stars in space that closely resemble venomous-spiders on Earth

While these cosmic objects don’t encounter and eat their mates, the stars share their eight-legged counterparts’ violent behavior towards companions. In addition to this, the researchers also found a bizarre black widow-redback crossbreed. The scientists used the now-destroyed Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico to discover those strange stars.

Well, a neutron star is a super dense dead core of a massive star and is formed after the supernova which is the last stage of the parental star having less than 3.5 solar mass. It consists of heavy metals formed during later stages while forming a red supergiant. It’s so dense that it is like compressing a couple or three suns to the size of Chicago city. Even one tablespoon of neutron star couple probably weighs a few million tons.

Spider stars are a unique version of these: They are types of stars that act as a lighthouse, spinning at a very mammoth tangential velocity. Once every after 3*10-2  seconds it flashes with each rotation. They orbit so close to their binary companions that they blast away their surfaces, inhaling vast amounts of material like a spider tearing its partner limb from limb.

Coming over to another term: A black widow star is when a spider star has reduced its companion to drastically less than a 10th the mass of the Sun. A redback in the Milkyway was recently found by researchers. It’s nothing but a spider star that defies categorization almost like a crossbreed of the two spices. These binary companions of redbacks pass between the spider star and Earth periodically, creating temporary eclipses. The shriveled companions of black widows don’t typically pull off that trick.

The seeming crossbreed star is difficult to categorize. For now, researchers have labeled it as redback because its companion sometimes eclipses its ticking light, and that companion has a mass of 0.055 times the mass of the Sun which could be quite heavy for a black widow, though quite light for a redback. For now, the exact mechanisms of that system are still a mystery and it isn’t resolved completely yet.




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